Five Jobs in the Fashion Industry

Do you want to work in the field of fashion but you are unsure of what jobs are available to you? Here are the top five jobs that you can get in the field of fashion.

Fashion Designer: A fashion designer creates or re-invents new articles of clothing for certain seasons. A fashion designer may take into consideration new patterns, cuts or even new styles.

Fashion Stylist: A fashion stylist puts new articles of clothing together to create new trends and styles. A fashion stylist can also be a fashion designer.

Fashion Journalist: A fashion journalist writes about latest trends, new designs and gives other fashion updates to the general public or boutique owners. Whenever someone wants to know what is in style they usually read the articles produced by fashion journalists.

Fashion Buyer: Fashion buyers look at the latest trends and fashions so that they can productively select clothing to sell at a store. If a certain dress is in style the fashion buyer will order more of that dress because he knows that customers will buy it.

Fashion Merchandiser: A fashion merchandiser is like a fashion stylist in that he puts new pieces together to create an outfit. However, the merchandiser works within a boutique and often creates these styles to be displayed at a window. They usually take the advice of a fashion designer when creating these wardrobes.


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