Lipstick Now! The Three Lip-wears

There is no doubt that every girl longs for the perfect pair of kissable lips and there is no doubt that there are some guys out there that enjoy full, thick lips. There are some girls however, that struggle to find that perfect lip wear let alone that perfect color. Here are three everyday lip wears that you can consider.

Tainted Lip Balm

Lip balm is good for your lips. It prevents cracks and slips, gives your lips a smooth, silky appearance and some lip balms add necessary vitamins to help keep your lips looking healthy. While most women own colorless lip balms, think about a tainted one the next time you go shopping for make-up. It gives you the perfect tint of color to your lips without having it look overdone.

Lip Gloss

There are several lip glosses out there and not all lip glosses are created equal. Some lip glosses are translucent and only give sheen to your lips. Others are slightly tainted. Much color doesn’t go on your lips and rather they help strengthen the color to lipsticks while adding shine. Others are heavily pigmented, giving your lips as much color as a lipstick would as well as the shine. Going for neutral shades such as nude or a light pink can help your lips look thicker. Try bright reds, oranges and pinks for an evening out with the gals or a date with that special someone.


The much desired and traditional lipstick comes in a variety of colors. Several lipsticks out there can give a matte finish or a pearl finish. Other add a little shimmer. Popular colors are reds, pinks, nudes and berries. Lipsticks go well with lip glosses that strengthen the lip color.


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