Five Fashion Terms

These fashion design terms will help you to understand the world of fashion so that you can better communicate with your fellow Fashionistas!

  • Croquis: The croquis is the girl at the side. A croquis consist of a model or a drawn silhouette of a model that you trace over. By doing this you have created a template in which you can draw your fashions on. Templates are actually useful in that you can use the same pose to draw several different outfits and new styles on.
  • Collection: A collection is a group of outfits or article of clothing that are related to each other in style. Collections can often come out every season (spring/ fall) and usually are featured in fashion shows by a particular designer.
  • Color Cards: Every designer has a set of color cards to showcase when they are showing their sketches. These cards show the colors that are included within a design. The color cards showcase the moods as well as the theme of a design.
  • Tear Sheets: You remember those days when you would rip out a page in a magazine that had your favorite outfit? This is exactly what is called tear sheets. These sheets often provide the designer’s inspirations.
  • CAD: A CAD program is very handy when it comes to designing. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design and is provided in a number of fields that requires sketches as well as drawings. You may not have a Fashion Design CAD, but any experience with CAD software is good experience.



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