Make-up Pro: Conceal and Correct

The concealer is everything.

The concealer conceals all those unsightly dark spots, scars, pimples and any traces or a rough and bumpy skin. Most times people may choose a shade of concealer that matches their skin exactly, but you may want to go for a concealer pallet complete with a primer, a highlighter and the concealer itself. Any girl should know that the art of buying a concealer one shade darker than your skin helps to cover bright red pimples and a concealer on shade lighter helps to hide dark spots.
First, start off by concealing those dark circles under the eyes. ‘Draw’ an inverted triangle under the lower eyelid using a concealer brush. It is best to use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin. This gives your eyes a ‘lift’ and a natural illusion to a younger, brighter face. Cover dark spots on the face with the same concealer and use green concealer to cover pimples that are bright red.

If you need a bit of help hiding the bright red invader on your faces, sources say to buy a green concealer and dab against the pimple. Cover with a concealer that is darker or the same tone as your skin and hold in place with a little loose powder. Highlighters highlight the area that would naturally look as though light would reflect on them and gives the face some depth without everything falling flat. Bronzers give the area that would naturally fall in shadow a bit more dimension resulting in a fuller natural-looking face.



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