Make-up Pro: First the Foundation

There are several steps that you can take when applying make-up. Some may say to apply the concealer first, others deal with the eyes and the eye shadow but I have a specific system that I like to follow and I’ll share that with you.

Apply foundation first because foundation was built to cover uneven skin tones and blemishes. When you apply foundation first you may find that you may not need as much concealer as you thought. For those who don’t have much to conceal a BB cream or a tainted moisturizer can work just as well as a full-coverage foundation. Many people have problems determining which foundation is right for them and many foundations are being sold oil-free.

Mineral powders and loose powders are basically powders that are applied to the face with a brush. Better for those with oily to combination skin, this foundation is best used after concealing. Then there is cream-to-powder foundation which looks like ‘pressed powder’. It can be either applied with a sponge or a brush and gives the same matte effect of a loose powder with more staying power of a liquid foundation.

Then there is liquid foundation. This foundation can be applied with the hand or a special liquid foundation brush and concealers can generally be applied after foundation. It generously gives you the need to ‘touch-up’ any spot that was not covered properly by the concealer. I usually dab a bit of liquid foundation over certain areas with a liquid foundation brush and then buff into the skin with a regular mineral foundation brush. It gives a nice matte finish to the skin.



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