Top Five Shoes

When buying any pair of shoes consider getting these five pairs in your closet.

  • Pumps: Apart from owning a kitten heel, each girl must own at least two types of pumps: black pumps and nude pumps. Both are very versatile and pairs well with anything. Whether you choose platform pumps, wedge heel pumps or basic pumps, pumps are a must have. Not having pumps in your closet is a fashion crime. It is also best to go with a third pump; one that is in a funky fashionable color or print.
  • Wedges: Wedges are never out of style. The most basic wedge heels is what I like to call ‘basket wedges’, because the heels itself have the texture and color of a basket. Wedges are beginning to come in more versatile styles such as pumps, sandals and even sneakers, but it is best if you get the basic wedges because you are sure with that. They are great for summer fun so get them in a bright color such as yellow, turquoise, pink, red or different patterns such as floral, polka dot or stripes.
  • Slippers/ sandals: These summer shoes scream fun when you slip them on. They come in a variety of colors so get your one pair in your favorite color. You can get sandals with fun rhinestones and sequins on them or stick to plain ones. You can have as much pairs as you would wish, but it is advisable to limit the pairs to only two if you spend most of your hours in an office.
  • Boots: If you live where the climate changes from summer to winter, you might want to consider owning thigh-high boots. You can never go wrong in black and I would advise you to get two pairs, one in heels and one in flats. If you live where the weather is not so cold, or the temperature changes quite often, you can also add ankle high boots in black. Two pairs will be great, one in flats and the other in heels. Some people would advise you to also get it in brown, but cut costs and save some money; stick to black.

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