Top Five Body Shapes

These are the five body types that every girl should know.

  • The Pear: Your hips are noticeably larger than your bust. However you have a smooth curve. Your shoulders are also well-defined like an hour-glass. Nothing is wrong with having a little extra ‘junk in the trunk’; however some women prefer to be more balanced just like the hour-glass. Don’t be afraid to show off that type of figure. It’s a part of you.
  • Inverted Triangle: Sometimes it is considered unfortunate in some way to have this shape as it is considered very masculine. Your shoulders are broad and muscular. You may or may not have the actual breast but your bust is larger than your hips which are narrow and straight. There is no curvaceous figure, but your legs are thin and well-toned. The waist has no curves. Instead it goes down straight just like a man’s waist.
  • Top Hourglass: The good thing about this body shape is while it is similar to the inverted triangle it is more feminine. Yes, your bust is wider than your hips, but your shoulders are well-rounded, your waist gently curves to your hips and your legs are also shapely. Just like the pear, you are curvaceous but not bust-to-hip balanced.
  • The Banana: Your bust, waist, and hips are virtually the same width and your appearance is almost straight. You might have a ‘flat’ appearance and you don’t appear to be very shapely or curvy. The good news is that with some good advice on how to dress this can be fixed. Of course, anything you wear would most likely look good on you and if you’re tall your appearance might be somewhat model-like. That’s good, isn’t it?
  • The Hourglass: You have a balance between your bust area and your hip area; they’re virtually the same size and your waist is relatively small/thin compared to them. Your waist gently curves out to your hips and form your hips are a gentle inward slope to your thighs. Apart from having balanced bust and hips, your shoulders are very feminine. This simply means that your shoulders are well-rounded with a slight slant and they complement your feminine look.

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