How to Dress It

Tall and Slim

It’s never really easy dressing up when you do not know what to wear to work, to school or on any other outing you may have In this post I will be dealing with how to rock it if you are tall and slim (or if you have a ‘Banana Shape’).

Firstly, you may want to evaluate the parts of you that you want to be enhanced as well as flattered. Because you are tall and slim, you may not need to minimize anything and that is good. One of the things you may realize is that short dresses make you appear longer, especially if you are wearing heels with it. You don’t want to give off a ‘stripper’ effect, so the first thing that you must understand is that when you are wearing short dresses or skirts, stick to flats.

I like the effect that ballet flats have because they make you look shorter and more full-figured if that is the effect that you are going for. Another thing that will work well on you are patterns and loose tops. Blouses that do not stick on to your body as well as dresses with wide-waist belts are your best friends because they give you the illusion of an ‘hourglass’ figure as well as shorten your torso.

Clothing that are stitched to have a ‘vertical appearance’ such as skinny jeans, pencil skirts and tulip dresses may make you appear taller, however if you want to lose a couple inches off your height, flare skirts and A-line skirts are really a must-have. With this type of body there is no hard and fast rule because most things will look good on you.

The thing is that most tall women want to look shorter. It is not bad if you love your height and do not mind showing it off. For example if you have toned legs, mini skirts and shorts do you justice, but do not forget modesty. Never pair these clothing with heels as they give off the wrong impression.

When it comes to the bust area, one thing is sure, you may want to have a fuller bust. for something like this, go with loose blouses or what I like to call ‘balloon tops’ that give off the illusion of a fuller bust. Bright colors as well as patterns with horizontal alignment around the bust area also can work, but be careful as this can also make your waist look wider. If you want to make your bust and your hips wide, wear an A-line dress or a loose dress and pair it with a wide-waist black belt. The belt gives the effect of a smaller waistline.

I know you do not have problems with your waist so that is not a big deal, but this is to ensure that you still have your slim appearance when you wear clothing that makes you look ‘fat’. If you want your hips to look wider, you have the option of flare skirts and A-line skirts as well as high waist jeans that can show the outlines of your hips.


2 thoughts on “How to Dress It

  1. Great insight into dressing the willowy figure! My sister and I are 6ft (183cm) and UK size 10 – the A line and ballet pumps are definitely a winning look. Although we’re still wed to the skinnies!


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