How to Dress It

Short and Curvy

When it comes to dressing for the best, we all want the best advice out there. If there is any body shape that may want to flatter their figure as well as add a bit of height, it is definitely short and curvy. When it comes to adding an extra inch or two, we all go to heels, but there is another way to lengthen your legs without having to wear chunky shoes. It’s all about proportion!

For women who want to have longer legs, the ideal is to go for straight jeans in dark colors. Long jeans are the best way to make you look taller and dark colors give length to your torso as well as legs. Skirts such as the pencil skirt does well in lengthening your legs also. It is best to avoid too much flare skirts as it will make you look shorter and make your hips look too wide. Since you have the curvy figure already it is best to stick to simple clothes that flatter it rather that add to it.

When it comes to tops, go for tailored jackets, blouses that visually raises your waistline such as wrap blouses with a seam line under the bust. Blouses with vertical pattern or blouses with V-neck also give length to your torso. It is best to avoid ‘balloon’ blouses or blouses that are straight meaning they are not cut to fit the shape of a woman. These blouses only make you look stockier and take away from the curvaceous shape that you have.

The best colors to go with are dark colors such as teal, browns, greys and blacks, but you can also experiment in bright colors that suit you best such as red or yellow. Wrap dresses that have a skirt part that falls off the hip bone in these colors are great because they have a V-neck, they have a seam that visually raises your waistline and they flatter your shape while all at the same time adding color.

When it comes to shoes, most people know that high heels can give height, but if you are not the type to wear six inch heels don’t fear. Pointed toe (triangular shape) heels in any height makes you look taller. Anything that ‘lengthens’ the feet, lengthens the height (after all tall people have long feet).

Avoid square toe heels as they tend to make you look shorter. If you are going in flats go with peep toe or pointed toe flats. In kitten heels, you can mess around with pointed toe as well as peep toe in metallic blues and purples for a nice evening out or blacks and nudes in a day at the office.

If you are into high heels then that is a bonus for you because heels add height. Experiment with different heels such as pumps, platforms, sandals and wedges for the different occasions. On colder days, knee-high boots in black does well to lengthen your appearance, so pair them with miniskirts and a nice tailored jacket. You can also try black stockings or leggings with a mini skirt. It gives virtually the same effect.

Remember to add a pop of color in just the right places (such as statement necklace or earring) when wearing black.


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