Color Theory: Warms

Everyone should own a variety of colors in their wardrobe for an occasion that may call for it. While I am particularly an all-black person, I do appreciate colors and love to wear them. Here are some warm colors that you should give a try.

The Red

Red is a bright color and is one of the three primary colors. Most people love red for its vividness. It is a warm color and themes such as love and energy is often associated with it. However, red also has negative feelings such as anger and jealousy.

CS01- Red Pallet

How to wear it

True red is often paired with black and white. Wearing full black and white and adding a pop of red through accessories and shoes is often the common thing. That sort of combination never goes out of style. Try new looks such as pairing red with dark shades of brown or gold. Burgundy is a popular shade of red that goes with colors such as blue, gold, and even other shades of red. Red contrasts green on the color wheel so try shades such as pale rose, coral, or rust with vivid greens or dark greens and blue.

The Pink

Pink stands for freshness, romance and there is even an erotic side to it. When one thinks of pink they either think of the soft shades of pink that bring about youth, youngness, and fertility or they think of bright, hot pink that showcases glamor, femininity, and sensuality. Either way; pink is pink, and every girl should want a dab of it.

CS09- Pink Pallet
Pink block depicting nine variants of the color pink

How to wear it

Everyone knows that the lighter, softer shades pair well with white and the brighter shades go well with black. Pink and purple are a nice combination and since pink is in the family of red it goes well with green, especially lime green and olive green. Pink also pairs well with blue. Mix it up and try hot pink with bright orange and lime green or a soft pink with coral and aqua green. Get Barbie-like with pink and yellow and don’t forget to try the lighter shades of pink with dark browns.

The Orange

Orange, just like red, is bright, exciting, and cheerful. Although most girls dislike it, orange is a must in order to pull off any look. If you give orange a chance it is sure to make you happy.

Color block depicting nine variants of orange
Color block depicting nine variants of orange

How to wear it

Try pairing a bright orange with aqua green or pink. It mostly works out to be something satisfying. One can even try a citrus combination with lemon yellow, lime green, and orange. Blue contrasts orange so try out blue and orange together: a pale sand with a bright blue or spice orange with sky or light blue. Try orange and deep purple together. Or go neutral with a variety of lights and darks coming from orange and brown. When in doubt wear full white with a pop of orange or go for that mysterious look by substituting black for white.

The Yellow

They say if you paint a baby’s room yellow, the baby would be miserable. Agreed. Yellow isn’t such a soothing color. Even the pale colors are very bright. Some people love the brightness of yellow. It’s okay to like this shade of color. It brings excitement and brightness to a very dull day.

CS03- Yellow Pallet

How to wear it

The first thing that one thinks of is putting yellow with purple because they are contrast colors. That’s one way to go. So try butterscotch yellow with lavender. Try lemon yellow in a citrus combination or try bright yellow with sky blue. You can even try it with turquoise if you want to try something new. Green and yellow are often paired together. Try pale yellows with lime or go for a combination creamy yellow with coral and mint or aqua green.


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