Spring Heels

Do you love spring? Do you enjoy wearing heels? As a high-heel lover myself, I selected eleven heels that go well for this spring.


A pair of these snazzy heels would make any pastel chic happy. Designed with the mesh look and floral prints, this bright aqua green color is a great pick for the more classy girl.

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Some girls love combat boots, others Timberlands, and some heels. A shoe like this is for the all-the-above girl. Another pair of heels in aqua, this military styled boots is bound to make spring a much happier time of year.

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Another posh pair in pastel are these pumps. Delicate vintage florals against a baby blue backdrop brings back your school girl memories by adding flare. With straps to remind you of ballet practices to the overall design this shoes makes spring something to remember.

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These elegant heels go so well with spring that they should be a go-to for every spring event that might come your way. Nude never goes out of style.


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Baby blue is something that brings about a spring-like feel. Light and airy, this color works well for these espadrilles. And whether you are a wedges fan or not, you got to admit, this one looks pretty cool.

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So light teal brings back the good ol’ country days — especially like this. Florals like this is a great alternative to the previous baby blue ones.

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Another solid bright aqua blue? Yes! With gold embellishments! The thing about these heels is that they are solid (kind of a break from all the others) but it still maintains a spring-forever feel.


Small floral patterns against a dark backdrop is the ultimate shoe for the alternative girl who wants to embrace her girly side for spring.



Black and white pattern, and brown leather may not be the spring-look but this pair lands my list because of the fact that its overall design is made for that classy neautral-toned girl who wants to get a dab of some print action. The sandals are quite abstract and the complex patterns add to the sophisticated look.

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Now I know I said heels, but these canvas sneakers are a quick grab for a morning stroll, a trip the grocery or even a casual outing. And you definitely need a pair of these for spring.


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