Multipurpose Drawstring Bag

This purposeful drawstring bag is an easy make with the right tools (and a little patience!)

What you’ll need:

  • Sewing tools (which you should already have)
  • Ballpoint needle (if you’re dealing with stretchy material. I was)
  • Decorative cord or string (1 yard)
  • About 12 × 12 inch fabric ( two pieces should work fine. You can get it in the same color or in different colors)
  • 1/8 yard by 2 and a half feet of sheer fabric (preferably chiffon)
  • Decorative ribbon or lace (1 yard)
  • Patience

In order to begin, you need to determine what kind of fabrics you are using so that you can adjust your stitch settings and change needles accordingly. Also, you may want to run a test stitch on a spare piece of material from the same fabric you will be using.

STEP ONE: Attaching the Ribbon

The ribbon is a very complicated part
The ribbon is a very complicated part

Place both (12 × 12) fabrics together with right sides facing each other. Place the ribbon between the fabrics so that the edge of the ribbon lines up with the edge of the fabric. Stich the fabrics together. (Don’t forget to back stitch).

STEP TWO: Attaching the Sides

Next, sew the side seams of the bag together. This should be a very simple part of creating the bag. when finished, the bag should have three closed sides and one open side.

Front of bag with the three seams stitched together.

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