Emerging Designer Showcase

The Summer Sizzle Experience is set to begin with the Welcome Culture & Style Party on the Thursday 14th of this month. Unfortunately,  I had planned to blog about this the week before the even, highlighting the BVI culture as well as a travel experience for those of you who at want to see the event, but as you can see I haven’t gotten around to doing so.

However I do plan to give a sneak peak of my part in the fashion showcase which includes one of my designs. First up,  we are on the website. Go check it out here at www.summersizzlebvi.com 


Also, my interview on my local news website is up. I will provide you with the correct link when I have it.

Local news article.  www. Virginislandsnewsonline.com
Local news article.
www. Virginislandsnewsonline.com 
One of my pieces
One of my pieces named after Jane’s Addiction song, ‘Irresistible Force’. Photo: Buddha Mather

The above is one of my pieces that will be showcased at this year’s event. It’s inspired by the song ‘Irresistible Force’,  which I believe captures this look perfectly.

The other emerging designers who will be showcasing at this year’s event are Akeem Stanley, Sasha Richards, Rhenique Cooper, and Liliana Rhymer.



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