Contouring the Catwalk

This post is one of the first in my ‘Confessions of a Designer’ blog posts. Here I’ll share with you some of the secrets, tips,  and life experiences I garnered throughout my life as an aspiring designer. 

From Fitting to Finalizing

Behind the scenes of any fashion show is quire hectic as it gets. In the 16th of this month,  I had the experience of a lifetime.  I was able to debut my first collection in the BVI’s prestigious fashion show, Summer Sizzle Global Glamour Runway Show.  I was sending my collection down the runway as a part of the BVI Emerging Designers Showcase.

The event featured the five of us alongside international top-notch designers.  One thing to note was that for us as emerging designers we had to begin fitting the models two days before the actual event just to make sure that we got the models in outfits that we felt they could represent well.  From fitting to finalizing, each piece and last minute retouching needed to be perfect.

Model Line-up
Models get in line as they prepare to walk down the runway for the opening showcase.

Setbacks to Get Forward

The next thing that we faced of course was the terrible setbacks of production work. In other words Murphy’s law kicks in.  We never had enough hangers to hang our clothes and most of our pieces were all over.  However I suffered a terrible fate.  The zipper for finale broke on the day of the fashion show. Needless to say I had ample time to fix this,  but the entire hassle of getting it fixed left me drained.

I never ate anything on that day up until the final hour that everything was completely sorted.  I was fitting models right up until the last minute. I did get to stop and take pictures of the model line-up. They did look a bit stressed but nevertheless they we’re just as excited as we were. The beautiful thing about it was how satisfied each and every one of us were when we walked out there on the runway.

Another Pic

Another thing to note was that behind the scenes we had no help in the form of a personal assistant. Of course there was our mentor who did the best she could and for that I am grateful,  but we were never really assigned an assistant so all five of us became each other’s personal assistant.

Model Mania

The most challenging thing I can say is actually finding a model to fit the clothing. I think that as long as the clothes are sewn and are sturdy it is just to find the model that represents the idea you are trying to portray.

Finding models compensates for making sure your models don’t clash with time or with other designers and that they can fit in each article of clothing with ease and can come out with ease. This is important so that the show runs smoothly.

Once you’ve found your models and their line-up is well-sorted all that is left to do is yo make sure production goes as planned. Getting each model in and out of their outfits is more or less something against time and can easily be solved with a willing team.

Fashion show productions will always be a hassle and will always be a hectic sort of life,  but at the end it’s all worth it when you are in love with fashion.  Just seeing your pieces down the runway is something to be cherished.  It is something I know I will always cherish for years to come.

Photo with Nigel Barker
The emerging designers photo with Nigel Barker. I’m on the left .



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