By all means NYEUSI is something that I wanted to do for a long time.  However,  this collection is no ordinary one.  I was greatly inspired by one of Royal Machines promo pic and it gave me insight as to what I wanted from my collection.

I wanted it to be heavy black,  filled with confidence and sexiness. So I chose the band and incorporated within it my interpretation of what black was supposed to mean. That’s why the name NYUESI is so important.  It means ‘black’ in Swahili.

Of all my inspiration I was also inspired by the band Jane’s Addiction which I happened to listen to their music (and fell in love with it) because I was giving alternative rock a try.

There are four members in the band and I thought of three of them which I liked,  two in particular which I centered my designs around: Chris and Dave.

Chris for the reason that he seemed very artistic and quiet yet had a sort of charm that made him appealing. Dave because he seemed playful and boyish and had a dark yet sensual appeal which I liked.

Also,  I named all my pieces after band songs which I liked.

First Look
Kenia wears ‘True Nature’ Photo by Norman Allen

The first look, the bodycon dress,  has Gohic inspired styles with undertones of metal. I based it off of ‘True Nature’ because the title in itself gives you the understanding that at some point we become who we really are rather than pretending to be who we’re not.

In the music video people begin to ‘rebel’ in an apparent riot. I loved the music video for what it was and decided that this dress best represented how I felt going against the fashion norm. It also opened my collection.

First Look Back
Photo: Rubebwoy Photos

The second look is a swimsuit that I named ‘Just Because’.

Second Look
Sasha wears ‘Just Because’ bathing suit Photo: Rubebwoy Photos

‘Just Because’ is literally the first alternative rock song I’ve ever listened to.  And I made practically everyone I could, listen to it — because it happened to be my runway song.

I felt the song spoke on doing rambunctious things with no given thought as to why you were doing it and not thinking of the consequences you might face later on for doing them. The phrase ‘just because’ was one of those phrases we used as kids growing up when we got in trouble and were questioned about our actions.

The reason why I chose that name for the swimsuit was because I myself couldn’t even understand what was going on with the design concept (however,  I loved it). I felt like at the time of its design when anyone asked me the reason behind it I would shrug and say ‘just because… ’.

Back of swimwear
Photo by Rudebwoy Photos

The swim wear is a combination of urban couture and metal.

Third Look
Imani models ‘Classic Girl’ Photo: Rudebwoy Photos

Okay so I admit I have yet to hear ‘Classic Girl’, but from what I know, it is a love song: a rock ballad to a woman whom her lover very much adores.

The song describes the woman as being ‘classic’ as in,  she’s a woman with class and very much elegant in such a sense. The chiffon blouse that I designed has a more refined and Gothic element to it to which I would compare to being more classic than modern and alternative.

While the piece still maintains its Gothic appeal,  it does so in a much more sophisticated and standard form of what Gothic is.





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