Getting Custom Labels

Hey there. It’s been a long time since the last blog as I’ve been super busy with my pop-up shop coming come up next year. I thought, however, that I might share some interesting information — that is, clothing labels.

Custom Clothing Labels

The thing that I’ve been doing for the past few months is trying to get my brand out there and while doing so, look as professional as possible. I’ve spent a few months trying to find the perfect website that I could order custom-made clothing labels. Something that suits my style, as well as my budget, because you know, I’m not really ‘rich’.

I found a few websites that I thought were okay, but then I came across the Dutch Label Shop. Perfect.

The Dutch Label Shop (you can click the link to see for yourself) was perfect because you got to do all your customizing right there. You just tell them the size of the label you want, the color of the label, the color of the text and what you wanted it to say. And, you got to preview it at the same time. I found that that option was just what I needed.

The basic labels were inexpensive and the least amount that you could purchase was thirty (which was great for me).

Trio of Labels

In this above picture, you can see the quality of the labels and the clarity of the text. The labels that I chose were the standard size. It could take two lines. The text is in silver and the label color is black. When i received them, I was happy to note that the quality was rather good. It mimicked the quality of labels you would see on high-end designer clothing. I wasn’t expecting that, but I was sure happy to find out that it was so great.

Label sewn into Dress

Here, in the above picture, is the label sewn into a dress that I designed.

Back of label

A side-by-side view of the back and the front of the label.



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