What’s In Store for 2017

So many things happened in 2016, and let’s just all agree that not all of it was good, but the great thing about the New Year: we can start all over again.

This year, we focus on fashion, fashion, fashion, and why combining fashion and trends and coming up with your own unique style and individual flare is so important in 2017. Also, for my New Year’s Resolution? I haven’t placed much thought into it, but I figured that I should blog more.

So, what to expect in 2017?

A Pop-up Shop

While the date isn’t ‘set’ as yet, I can assure you that there will be a pop-up shop. For those reading this, a thing to note: this pop-up shop will be in the British Virgin Islands only; however, for those who are in the BVI, it is possible for you to pre-order any garment you desire even before the pop-up shop. Just check out WILD Preorders.

More Jewelry

Of course, as I would be busy, I may not have the time to make new earrings for those who were always interested in them, but I still have plenty to sell. Again, these are only available to the BVI.


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