PANTONE Spring Colors 2017

It’s the New Year and we’re off to a fresh beginning with PANTONE. In the latter part of the year, PANTONE released its color for 2017: Greenery. Believing that it’s all about fresh beginnings, clean slates, and more care for the environment we live in, PANTONE made the first move in creating a palette that reflects exactly that.

Greenery is just one of the colors that PANTONE has chosen to determine which direction fashion will be taking, but we can see from 2016, that these colors were already prominent in our lives. From the beautiful and rich tone of Lapis Blue to the pastel shade of Pale Dogwood, all these colors reflect nature, tropics and a breath of fresh air. Who wouldn’t want that? 2016 was a rough year: filled with deaths, protests, and politics. We don’t want any more of that in 2017, and neither does our wardrobe.

Beautiful landscapes reflects PANTONE’s chosen color of 2017: Greenery

But wait, how does the alternative girl fit into this? After all, many of u are still holding on to our dark colors. Well, let me introduce you to a little something called ‘Pastel Goth’.

The two best colors to incorporate into your outfits are Island Paradise and Pink Yarrow, which I find works pretty well with a pastel goth and pastel punk aesthetic. Need a new color for your hair? Pale Dogwood is the perfect pastel pink for someone who loves changing up their hair color now and then.

Island Paradise PANTONE
This sea perfectly depicts what Island Paradise PANTONE color looks like.
Pink Yarrow
Taking inspiration from this vibrant flower, PANTONE Pink Yarrow is a perfect color for any pastel gothic look.
Pale Dogwood
PANTONE’ Pale Dogwood: A pastel shade that is perfect for anyone that loves to change up their hair color every now and then.

You can still keep your black if you like (black is always in season). And maybe introduce some Primrose Yellow here and there just to brighten it up.

PANTONE has also determined that Kale, a darker green than Greenery, will also be the go-to color of 2017. There is a reason why. With everyone embarking on a new diet trend, kale is easily becoming a popular vegetable (believe it or not). And Kale as a color is edgy, not to mention, a little on the alternative side.

Primrose Yellow
PANTONE’s Primrose Yellow captures the vibrancy and airiness of the flower.
This dark and rich tone of Kale represents a new take on color.

The other PANTONE colors for 2017 are Hazel, a pastel shade of brown that is perfect for neutral palettes; and Flame, a bright orange color that is making a bold comeback.

All things PANTONE Hazel
Inside these hazelnut shells, is the nut that inspired PANTONE’s chosen 2017 color, Hazel.
PANTONE captures the brightness of Flame




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