Why All Black Anything is Everything

It is probably hard to explain where I draw the line between my love for pink and my love for black. Let’s get it clear: I do love pink stationery— specifically hot pink and neon pink. I find it to be a uniquely weird color that is hard to find in things that I use daily. Or at least, it adds a bit of color to my complex life.

But that is exactly where I draw the line: pink items. No, I don’t want to live in a pink house or drive a pink car or paint my room pink. All of that looks hideous to me. I would prefer to drink from a pink glass, maybe, or collect oddly satisfying ink stationery like staplers, hole punchers, notebooks and whatever else. I am a person that even likes pattern, especially the more ‘alternative’ ones, and anything that doesn’t necessarily confirm to a particular color scheme.

With that being said, I hate when people get the idea that my entire world will be pink (yes, I can understand why they see it that way, but I still hate the concept). Oddly enough, however, I love black even more than I love pink. It is the black that gets to me. I love black clothing, black cars, black décor, and anything black to me seems like the most beautiful and exotic thing ever.

Last year, at Summer Sizzle, Paulette Cleghorn of Yumi Katsura Couture Bridal Collection, showcased her collection, and I immediately fell in love with the black wedding dresses. There is something powerful about black. Something commanding and unique. Black to me is more than just a ‘color’ (it’s not). It is a representation of the inner self. The mystery, the depth — the soul.

Black has become one of the most ‘rejected’ yet ‘respected’ colors in society. It’s reserved for only the best (i.e black card, black car, black suit, black belt, in the black). Many would wonder ‘why black?’ but I would tell you why.

It is only in the Western World where we are taught that black is bad. We go to funerals in black but we wear white at weddings. The misconception is that we think that was how it alway was. But it’s not. Someone changed it. Black, at first glance, was actually a popular wedding color before Queen Victoria decided to change the trend and wear a white wedding dress. In other cultures, reds, golds, and blues were the staple wedding colors. White in eastern cultures is actually reserved for funerals.

I draw the line to how black is represented in our culture. As a matter of fact, I believe the association of ‘black being bad’ has stemmed from slavery and racial influences. That’s not to say, that things can’t get better, but why should black be bad? Why should only wealthy people enjoy what black gives to them, while everyone else lives under the false assumption that anything black is evil? I say embrace the black.

Black is everything. It represents beauty, diversity, strength, and power. Black is not a color. It is the absorption of all the colors that we know. So if you love black, just like me, then you’d appreciate the color in everything. It is what black is. And once you go black, you can never go back.


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