Word of the Day: Avant-Garde

Avant-Garde /,avänt’ gärd

(n.) 1. New and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or people introducing them. (adj.) 1. Favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas.

Avant-garde refers to the unorthodox, nontraditional or radical expression of art through artistic work or people. The avant-garde brings out innovation, aesthetics, and the general unaccepted pieces that contradicts more modern design concepts.

In fashion, acant-garde refers to cutting edge artistic pieces or statements made through the use of apparel design. Avant-garde styles go ‘against the grain’, or in simpler terms, what is ‘expected’ in the line of fashion and trends. These clothing are mainly artistic pieces meant to challenge social norms.

While avant-garde on the runway showcases surprising, unusual, and twisted pieces and are often high-fashion and unwearable, avant-harde style is all around us. From the daring nonconformity of alternative aesthetics to cultural reforms and adoption, avant-garde styles are a part of the newest trends.


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