The New Prismacolor Set

I began art with Crayola Crayons. That was when I knew instantly that I was in love with art. Most kids stopped wanting crayons by the time they’re ten or twelve, some stopped wanting that a bit earlier. Knowing me, every year I wanted a brand new pack of crayons. I was specific — it had to be Crayola. No other brand would do.

 However, before Crayola, I remembered my mother gifting me with a Rose Art art set that came with some colored pencils, oil pastels, and around forty to fifty wax crayons. It was my ‘first’ art kit, so to speak, and I was just intrigued by the range of ‘skin tone’ colors they had. Eventually, after I’d used every last crayon to its stump, I needed a replacement, and at one point replacement wasn’t easy to find.

Every child around me was satisfied with their standard pack of twelve (or twenty-four) crayons, but I wasn’t. Twenty-four just weren’t enough for me to express my artistic ability. And as a result, every year when my family took their vacation, I bought a brand new Crayola set. It went from forty-eight to sixty-four to ninety-six and finally the 150-count telescoping crayon tower (which I still have to this day). In all honesty, for a while, it was the most range of color that I ever had.

But still, when I was in primary school (6th Grade), I was introduced to Crayola Colored Pencils. I found out the pencils were more precise (a plus which was lacking with the crayons) and colored more smoothly. The ability to lay down smooth, bold colors with these pencils were enough to make me forgo my love for crayons and pick up colored pencils — a symbol of my growth in art. Knowing myself, I bought the largest set if colored pencils Crayola had: the 50-count set. And I stuck with it.


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