Designers to Know: Vivienne Westwood

Responsible for taking punk and alternative fashion to higher heights, Vivienne is a British fashion designer, known for her shocking fashion aesthetics that gave birth to modern punk.

In the 1960s, Westwood was a primary school teacher. During her teaching years, Westwood often made jewelry to sell. It was then she discovered her love for arts and fashion design. After her first marriage dissolved, Westwood married Malcolm Mclaren, band manager of Sex Pistols.

Mclaren opened up a boutique in 1971 and Westwood’s designs became a prominent feature in this boutique. It was at this time Mclaren managed the famous British punk band, and thus, Westwood had an upper hand in dictating the waves of the fashion industry, when she was able to design and dress the members of the band.

In 1991, 1991, and 2006, Westwood was awarded British Fashion Designer of the Year.

Vivienne Westwood’s Timeline

1971 – With the help of Mclaren, Westwood opened her first shop ‘Let it Rock’ which was later renamed to ‘SEX’.

1981 – Westwood showcased her first seminal collection ‘Pirate’ in London.

1990 – Westwood showcased her first menswear collection in Florence

2010 – Westwood launched stationery, including notebooks and diaries in her classic prints.

2016 Sspring Collection
2015 Spring Collection.
2016 Spring Collection
Voluminous top and bottom doesn’t seem heavy on this model. Instead, it flatters her shape and does well with her compexion.
2016 Spring Collection
This outfit represents the modern stylings of urban and street wear.
2016 Spring Collection
2016 Spring Collection
2016 Fall Collection
Vivienne is known for her bold prints in fabric. This is a classic example of Vivienne’s style.
Fall Collection 2016
Classic tailored jacket paired with romantic satin is the type of mixing that Vivienne does with her textures.
2016 Fall Collection
Fall Collection 2016.
2016 Fall Collection
2016 Fall Collection.

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