Sketches vs. Illustrations: Which One?!

Hello, its me.

Many may know the difference between a quick sketch and an artwork, but in the fashion industry its quite a drag to determine which of these two is preferred.

In this series of tips and tricks for aspiring designers and fashion students, I’d like to share my understanding of both and how I put them to use.

The Real You

Sketching is basically jotting down ideas, thoughts, concepts and practice pieces that are useful in perfecting your art. Most people own sketch books, but I like to call it sketch journals. These journals are your most private thoughts and your truest artwork — and they’re not necessarily pretty to look at.

I’ve found a video on YouTube that I’ll include in this post, that really gets down to what your sketch journal should be. As a designer, this should go anywhere you go and its for your eyes only, but of course if you want, you can share it. Don’t be afraid to be messy, and don’t limit it to just fashion. Its art, and as a designer inspiration can come in any form.

 The You Everyone Sees

Having illustrations is a great way to showcase your artistic skills as well as present design concepts and ideas to a viewing audience. Illustrations showcase techniques such as draping, structure, flow on the body, patterns, textures, colors, and readability which not otherwise be translated in a rough sketch.

Illustrations are a fashion designer’s artwork. It’s how they communicate their thoughts and feelings to potential clients or critics. Its a good way to present your design without actually having a garment.


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