The Swatch Book: Designer Essential #1

For April, I’ll be posting (or at least I’ll try to) one designer essential that is a must-have and how it’s helped me when creating new designs. Today, I’ll be talking about the swatch book.

What is a swatch book, you ask? Well, it’s a portfolio containing swatches of fabric. Here are five reasons why every aspiring fashion designer should have a swatch book.

No. 1 You Get to Easily Sample Fabrics

Whenever you are coming up with a new design concept and you need to know what fabric will work best, it’s always a good idea to have the swatch book on hand. You can reach for it, and search through tons of swatches that can easily help you determine what you need. Plus, you can even take a feel of the fabric to see if it really suits what you are designing.

No. 2 You Get to Lean the Different Fabric Compositions

It’s easy to see why a fashion designer would need to know the different types of fabrics. It’s our job. Owning a fabric swatch book helps you with this tremendously.

No. 3 You Can Easily Put an Entire Collection Together

By having fabric swatches on hand, you can lessen the amount of time it would take to put together a cohesive collection for spring and fall. You’ll be able to color-coordinate, get a feel of the texture and weight of fabrics, and have an idea of what patterns and prints you’d want to incorporate into your design.

No. 4 You’ll Make Shopping for Fabric Easier (and More Fun!)

My already knowing what you want and having a sample of it, you can go to the fabric store and pick up what you need in less time. Also, you can go ‘fabric watching’ or you’ll get the experience the joy of walking through fabrics, and sampling them. (C’mon, I can’t be the only person who loves going fabric shopping).

No. 5 You Can Never Run Out of Fabric to Swatch

Collecting fabric swatches can be a side hobby and it can be so much fun. And the choices of fabrics are endless.

Happy Swatching.


~ Love, Nickay


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