The Color Chart: Designer Essential #2

Hey there,

This post is for the illustrator just as it is for the designer. And today, we’ll be talking about having color charts and why it’s important to know what colors you’ll want to include in your designs and illustrations.

Welcome to designer essential #2.

Creating a color chart is very simple and if you’re not an established designer that already owns color charts, then this post is for you.

I’ve recently done a post discussing my New Prismacolor Set. The thing that I want to share is that you can use this as a base to create your color chart. You’ll just need several sheets of paper and some extra time to spare. What I did was write down the name of the color as well as its assigned code.

So, here are three reasons why you need a color chart.

No. 1 You’ll get an idea of how to blend and coordinate your illustrations

This works if you illustrate very often and you’re using your media as your color chart. I’ve found that when I need to blend, create highlights, texture, or even skin tones, having a color chart cuts down the work tremendously.

No. 2 You’ll get an understanding of how your design will look

By having a color chart, you can determine what colors work well with your design or collection and you’ll be able to coordinate the colors accordingly.

No. 3 It reduces the time it takes to find that ‘perfect color’

It’s a hassle when you walk into a fabric shop and just can’t seem to find the color you’re looking for. With a color chart, you’ll not only know what you want, you can cut down the time it takes to find it.

 Until next time.

~ Love, Nickay


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