The Sewing Machine (the Serger): Designer Essential #3

Hello there,

Welcome to the third designer essential. On day three we will be talking about one of the most important things every designer needs — the sewing machine.

The sewing machine is an absolutely a necessity for any designer. Having a sewing machine is perfect and makes life much easier for putting things together.

Here are three reasons why the sewing machine is so important (and why a serger makes life easier).

Now, if by this point you don’t have a sewing machine, you’re doing everything wrong. The list of reasons why the sewing machine is a must-have can go on forever, but these three reasons should top the list.

No. 1 It is easier and faster to put larger and more difficult projects together

Think about sewing leather together, or having a hand stitch a complicated prom dress. Not only will that take a long time to get done, but it puts a lot of pressure on you.

No. 2 You have more stitching options and stitching is stronger

The reason why the sewing machine is a must-have for any designer is because you get more freedom with types of stitches as well as the surety that your stitches will last longer. Hand-stitched garments tend to come apart easily, so the importance of having strong stitches is very important in garment construction.

No. 3 Newer machines allow you to embroider, serge ends, and even create lettering

The newer sewing machine gives you way more design and style options than older ones, and plus, some machines come with the ability to ‘serge’ the end of your garments.

One added bonus for any designer, however, is an actual serger itself. It makes garments look neater, can replace hems for some skirts like tulle skirts, and it works best for stitching together knit and stretch materials.


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