The Ultimate Sewing Kit: Designer Essential #4

Hey there,

As you know, along with every sewing machine, a designer must have a sewing kit. However, the difference between the basic sewing kit and the designer’s sewing kit are a few essentials that make sewing much easier and less of a hassle. 

Here are my top five ‘must-haves’ that every designer should have in their sewing kit.

The Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter

Cutting fabric just got easier with the rotary cutter. No more jagged edges or uneven cutting. The rotary cutter cuts precisely, and you can cut straight lines that are clean and even.

The Hemming Tape

Hemming Tape

Having hemming tape allows ou to have clean and firm hems without the hassle of sewing, but the best use for hemming tape is as a stabilizer when hemming curved edges or stretchy material.

The Wrist Pin Cushion

When moving from the machine to your workstation, a wrist cushion makes moving pins neater and reduces the stress of having to look for needles when you need them.

The Walking Foot

The Walking Foot

You might not be a quilter, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a walking foot. The walking foot makes sewing thicker fabrics easier and helps to guide stretchy fabric when sewing hems.

No-Fray Spray

Having a spray that prevents fabric from fraying is a must-have for any designer. It can come in handy when you’
recreating one-of-a-kind looks for your projects and garments.

Happy Sewing,


~Love, Nickay


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