The Pencil Case: Designer Essential #9

I love my pencil case.

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In today’s post, I’ll be talking about my pencil case and why I consider it a designer essential.

Every designer is ultimately a business person. They will be meeting with clients, taking down notes, marketing their brand, and scheduling events to attend. With that being said, a designer should invest in a ‘girl on the go’ workbag (or ‘boy on the go’ if you’re male).

On my personal blog, I shared how I set up my ‘girl on the go’ work bag, which included the pencil case. If you want to see the full thing, click this link.

Here are the things that I keep in my pencil case.

Gel Pen in Different Colors

I love my G-2 Pilot Gel Ink Pens and I’ve got them in .5, .7, and 1.0mm thicknesses all in black ink. I have a 0.7mm in pink ink and a 1.0mm in blue ink as well. I think these pens are great to have for writing neatly and for giving crisp, clean lines.

Another awesome pen which I would like to have is the Uniball Signo black ink. These pens are also great for writing.

I also own Uniball Signo 1.0mm in white and Uniball Impact 1.0mm in Gold. I own a Uniball Signo 0.7mm in red. All three of these pens are fantastic and comes in very handy for me.

Ticonderoga Noir

My favorite pencil to have is the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. The one shown in the image above (excuse the bad lighting) is Noir and I bought them at Office Max last year. I’m absolutely in love with this pencil. It’s beautiful, holographic, and perfectly Goth.


The Swingline Tot Stapler is also something that can be found in my pencil case. This particular brand is very helpful because it has a built-in staple remover as well as a compartment underneath to keep extra staples.

Other things that I carry in my pencil case are white-out, eraser, paper clips, a Sharpie Marker (I have mine in Neon Pink), rubber bands, and a pencil sharpener.

I hope this helps you to put together your pencil case as a designer essential.

06-ZSC SYMBOL BLACK~Love, Nickay


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