The Illustration Portfolio: Designer Essential #11

Designing can become a daunting task when none of your finished illustrations are organized. It is important that each designer puts together a portfolio that all owe them to look through finished illustrations.

So, how do you go about doing that? I own a 3″ binder that has all my illustrations that I’ve done, and I have them organized by date, so the most recent ones are upfront. I also organize them by collection.

Each illustration is placed in sheet protectors to help keep in clean and easily accessible. I also scan all my illustrations and save them on a jump drive. This way I have two copies: an original hardcopy and a digital copy for when I need to make reprints.

Happy illustrating.

06-ZSC SYMBOL BLACK~Love, Nickay

Portable Case for Art Mediums: Designer Essential #10

Hey there,

It’s Monday, so I decided to start the day off with something bright. One designer essential that I found is very important for any designer and illustrator to invest in is a portable kit for all their artistic mediums. For me, that would be a pencil case specifically designed for Prismacolor Pencils. I found a good deal of them on Amazon and I’m planning to purchase these very soon.

Whether you use markers, colored pencils, paints, or gauche, it is so important to have a storage case, especially a portable one, to keep them in whenever you are on the go. The best place to find cases such as these is online whether on Ebay or Amazon. Take some time to invest in portable cases for your artistic medium.

Until then, Happy Coloring.

06-ZSC SYMBOL BLACK~Love, Nickay