Why Every Designer Should Have a Skin Tone Chart

Last time, we talked about creating a color swatch sheet — basically, a piece of paper (or papers) that included all the colors that you work with. For me, I have color swatches from Prismacolor Premier colored pencils to Crayola crayons. Continue reading “Why Every Designer Should Have a Skin Tone Chart”


Creating a Color Chart Tailored to You

There are many templates out there that you can download that allows you to swatch all your colors without the hassle of creating a template from scratch, but there comes some disadvantages to that, one of which is not being able to tailor the swatch sheet to suit your style and aesthetics. Continue reading “Creating a Color Chart Tailored to You”

Organization Tips: Reference for Rendering

Part of being organized means not picking up a ‘green’ Prismacolor only to realize it’s not the shade of green you want or running out of a much-loved Copic marker only to find out you don’t know the name or the assigned number of that marker to order it back (shakes head). Continue reading “Organization Tips: Reference for Rendering”

Organization Tips: School Tips for the Fashion Student

Look around you and you’re sure to find at least one video on organization tips for college, but none of them for fashion school. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that tell you how to improve your illustration skills, plenty of art supply hauls, and videos that tell you what to expect at FIT. Continue reading “Organization Tips: School Tips for the Fashion Student”