Featured: METAL LOVE



‘METAL LOVE’ features a cropped tee and a mini gathered skirt.

The cropped top features two color styles:

  • A Rib Heather Grey Tee
  • A Black Bodice Tee with Rib Heather Grey neckline and sleeves

The cropped is capped sleeve and crew neck tee. The cropped top stops at the mid-riff and is tightly fitted to the body’s shape. The rib heather gray is made with rib jersey stretch fabric whereas the black is made from regular two-way stretch spandex. The cropped tee stays true to the classic baby-tee but adds a hint of elegance. The style of the cropped top leans more towards urban and street punk.

The cropped top is paired with a gathered skirt with an elastic waistband. The skirt comes in two color choices:

  • Graffiti Print and Black (the graffiti print includes the lettering ‘love’ and is white,
    yellow, gray and black
  • Zebra Print and Black (the zebra print is black and white)

The gathered skirt is made with chiffon where the two chiffon fabric color/pattern combination is sewn together to be one in an alternating vertical pattern. Underneath the chiffon is black satin lining, and the chiffon is overlaid with lightweight black tulle to create a unique effect on the pattern underneath. The skirt combines pastel gothic, gothic, and street urban styles together to create a cross between a soft look and an alternative feel.


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